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Days in the Wild wants to see your hunts. Submit a video here to be reviewed to be included in an episode of Days in the Wild...

Rules and Requirements

  1. The video must be one file, so if you have multiple clips, the must all be combined.
  2. The video must be 500MB or less.
  3. Must be HD 1080p or better.
  4. No graphic kills.
  5. Must include lead up to hunt, kill shot, and recovery.
  6. Cannot promote sponsors other than those of Days in the Wild. You may use other gear, but we will not be able to show your clip if you are trying to promote other companies. Please refer to our sponsors for acceptable gear.
  7. When you do recovery with your animal, please try to close with or mention Days in the Wild. (Preferred closing to be, "Thanks for joining me on my hunt and thanks for watching Days in the Wild.".


By submitting a video you agree to the following
We agree to the following:
1. This agreement grants The Hunting Channel LLC and/or Days in The Wild. the right to broadcast and/or edit the recordings in any of our video products, promo, or shows anywhere on the internet.
2. Commercials for various hunting products, power equipment, automobiles, motorcycles/ATVs and/or other hunting associated companies may be broadcast during and or between above recordings.